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effete adj : marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay; "a decadent life of excessive money and no sense of responsibility"; "a group of effete self-professed intellectuals" [syn: decadent]

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  1. Lacking strength or vitality; feeble, powerless, infertile.
  2. decadent, self-indulgent, effeminate


lacking strength

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

ablated, all in, anemic, arid, asthenic, ausgespielt, barren, blah, blank, bleary, bloodless, bootless, burned-out, burnt up, characterless, chicken, cold, colorless, coming apart, consumed, counterproductive, cowardly, cracking, crumbling, dead, debilitated, decadent, decayed, decaying, declining, degenerate, depleted, deteriorating, devitalized, disabled, disintegrating, dismal, dissipated, dissolute, done, done in, done up, draggy, drained, draining, drearisome, dreary, drooping, droopy, dry, dryasdust, dull, dusty, dwindling, eaten up, ebbing, elephantine, emptied, empty, enervated, enfeebled, eroded, etiolated, eviscerated, exhausted, fade, fading, failing, faint, faintish, falling, far-gone, fatigued, fatuitous, fatuous, feckless, feeble, finished, flabby, flaccid, flagging, flat, floppy, fragmenting, frazzled, fruitless, futile, going to pieces, gone, gutless, heavy, ho-hum, hollow, imbecile, immoral, impotent, impoverished, inadequate, inane, incapacitated, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, inexcitable, infecund, infertile, inoperative, insipid, invalid, jaded, jejune, laid low, languid, languishing, languorous, leaden, lifeless, limber, limp, listless, low-spirited, lustless, marcescent, marrowless, nerveless, nugacious, nugatory, of no force, out, overripe, pale, pallid, pedestrian, pining, pithless, played out, plodding, pointless, poky, ponderous, pooped, powerless, regressive, retrograde, retrogressive, rubbery, run-down, sapless, sapped, shotten, shriveling, sinewless, sinking, slack, sliding, slipping, slow, slumping, soft, solemn, spent, spineless, spiritless, sterile, stiff, stodgy, strengthless, stuffy, subsiding, superficial, tabetic, tasteless, tedious, tired, unavailing, unfruitful, unhardened, unlively, unnerved, unstrung, used up, useless, vain, vapid, waning, washed-out, wasted, wasting, weak, weakened, weakly, wilting, withering, wooden, worn, worn away, worn-out, worsening
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